The Best Testosterone Supplements 2018

Paired with a proper resistance training program, the best test supplements can take any man from average to alpha male.

What’s in the Best Testosterone Supplements?

The best testosterone supplements products on this list have three things that indicate a high quality booster:

1. D-aspartic acid: D-AA is an essential amino acid that helps the body release two important hormones: luteinizing hormone to regulate the testes, and growth hormone to repair and build muscle.

2. SHBG reducers: Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is a protein to which testosterone is often bound, making it unavailable to the body. Ingredients that lower SHBG increase serum testosterone levels.

3. No proprietary blends: Some supplement brands list the ingredients in a patented blend without any specific amounts. This makes it impossible to know how much of each ingredient you’re actually consuming, so proprietary blends should always be avoided.

Third Place: Test Booster 1.0

With both zinc and magnesium in its formula, Test Booster 1.0 reduces SHBG and raises free testosterone levels. Zinc is particularly important for a healthy prostate. The supplement promotes healthy estrogen levels which, balanced with testosterone, can improve bone density and add muscle mass. Men taking Test Booster 1.0 can expect firm, strong muscle gains.

Test Booster 1.0 is the lowest on the list not because it’s bad, but because the next two supplements are so great. The main issue with this one? The ingredient list does not specify between vitamin D2 and its bioavailable form, D3.

Second Place: Prime Male

Aromatization, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, happens more readily as men age. Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) block the active enzyme to slow the conversion. Luteolin is one such inhibitor; in an experiment involving over 1,400 other compounds, luteolin was proven to be the best at reducing serum estrogen. Prime Male contains SHBG-reducers magnesium and stinging nettle, as well as vitamin D3, which helps the body to release the same hormones that D-AA does.

While any man would likely benefit from this booster, it comes in at second on this list because it is targeted for men of a certain age. With Prime Male, older men enjoy more energy for training, increased muscle gains and fat loss, and better mental function.

First Place: TestoFuel

This extremely popular product is far and away considered to be the best test supplement available. Several of its ingredients are multitaskers: oyster extract contains zinc, and it has SHBG-lowering qualities of its own. Vitamin B6 inhibits aromatase, converts to androgens, and increases zinc absorption.

This product improves strength with muscle growth to shatter previous PRs. New muscle that is built is dense, and it is gained with very little fat. Men who take TestoFuel stay sharp in the gym and in life thanks to enhanced mental clarity. All of its raving fans rank TestoFuel as the best testosterone supplement on the market.

Every man has goals that he wants to achieve, and testosterone boosters can help him to reach them. To balance hormones, Test Booster 1.0 is a good option. Prime Male is specifically targeted to older men who need to reduce their serum estrogen. Premium TestoFuel pushes the limits of customer satisfaction and quality. If you need something extra in your fitness routine, consider a testosterone supplement.