How To Plan The Perfect HGH Cycle

Before you can start using any steroid or supplement, you must first plan how you’re going to use it. This is especially true for potent substances like the human growth hormone. Planning your HGH cycle will not only enable you get the most out of it, but also reduce the risk of misuse and abuse.

What Are Your Goals?

To determine whether you’re going to use HGH alone or with another substance, you need to figure out what you’re aiming for first. This way, you’ll know whether you’re going to use HGH alone for a milder effect, or to combine it with your preferred bulking/cutting agent. If you’re aiming to gain more muscle mass, pairing HGH with a bulking agent can help you attain your goals faster.

Most bodybuilders use doses ranging between 2iu and 8iu per day. This would be the recommended dosing range for seasoned individuals who want to enhance their performance. If you don’t want to add an anabolic agent to your stack, taking between 6iu and 8iu of HGH during your cycle would be more suitable.

How Long Will You Use the Product?

Generally, experts recommend 16-week HGH cycles for most individuals. Some professionals have however claimed that extended human growth hormone cycles can result in unpleasant side effects. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that 16 weeks is the longest duration anyone could safely use HGH – supplements. And this applies for all individuals, whether or not one is using an anabolic supplement stack. So take time to figure out how long you’ll actually use the product, and ensure that you follow the safety guidelines for all the products you’re using.

Post-Cycle Therapy

The idea of using the growth hormone for post-cycle therapy is quite popular. According to experts, it can effectively restore normal testosterone production. Other benefits include promoting a positive mood, which is certainly welcome in the weeks following a steroid cycle.

Still, it must be remembered that HGH takes time to accumulate in one’s system. As such, you should aim to start using it about 4 weeks before the end of your cycle. You may then continue for another 4 weeks or so. This will all but guarantee that your growth hormone levels hit optimum before your recovery routine starts.

What Should You Watch out For?

Even at high doses, most people generally tolerate HGH cycles quite well. You’re thus unlikely to notice many adverse effects during your cycle. However, this shouldn’t be taken to imply that nothing can go wrong.

A commonly-reported effect of high-dose HGH cycles is elevated blood pressure. You should thus ensure that you check yours often, and lower your dose if anything seems unusual. Furthermore, abnormal growth may start to occur in the hands, feet and head. You may thus need to take a step back if your shoes no longer fit the same. Enlarged feet and hands could also indicate abnormal growth in the heart, which is absolutely dangerous.

HGH supplements are generally expensive. For most people, the amount of substance taken is usually limited by the budget. You should thus opt for a HGH supplement that scores highly when you weigh its quality against the price, while taking your budget into account. This certainly makes sense when compared to purchasing sub-par products. Such supplements are can not only contain harmful ingredients, but they also tend to be under-dosed.