Top Tips On How To Use Prohormones Carefully

You’ve been using prohormones for some time now but you aren’t happy with the results. Surprisingly enough, other people seem to be having great results with the same prohormones product. This means you are doing something wrong because of which you are not seeing any results. But just what are you doing wrong?

Let’s find out

Training considerations — Even with the best prohormones, you have to consider your training routine as the main factor for gaining muscle mass.  Most people make the mistake of training the same way as they would on-cycle as they would off-cycle but this is wrong. Remember, you are adding extra hormones to your body and this will amp up your body muscle development. However, this means you have to extend your body by cycling up your workout routine. An increased workout routine will poke your body to manufacture more protein or muscle cells. As you come off your cycle, you can then reduce your workout routine accordingly.

Increase your protein intake — As you are already working out more and you have increased your pro hormone consumption, you also need to increase your protein intake. This increased protein intake will be used by the body to increase muscle mass under the influence of prohormones stacks. Ideally, most bodybuilders recommend adding 1.5gms or 2gms or protein per pound of bodyweight during active workout regimens to ensure appropriate muscle development.

Post-cycle supportive therapy — Prohormone use is fine but it does generate substantial side-effects that have to be controlled with post-cycle therapy. If you are using ready-made stacks, most companies will also have supportive therapy that can be used with the same stack. If you aren’t using cycle-specific supportive therapy, you can mix and match products until you are happy with the results.

Follow consistent dosing patterns — Do not make the mistake of increasing or decreasing the dose of your prohormones. It does not work. Manufacturers have created a ready-mix of prohormones supplements specifically to work according to a specific action. Do not compare doses or increase/decrease doses to change the result. It will not work and you could end up with serious unmanageable side-effects.

Use a single product on your first cycle — For newcomers, it’s always best to start with a single prohormone product. For example, start with a single product like testosterone on your first cycle. It prepares the body for prohormones use and ensures long-term effects. Stacking is fine once you have completed two to three cycles of prohormones use. We also recommend you track the side-effects you experience with a single prohormones just so that you know how your body reacts to long-term prohormones use.

Follow a consistent dosing and consumption pattern — Each prohormones has a specific half-life and action period. For example, product A lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours. As a result, you have to take the drug at the same time everyday at the same 6-8 hour interval. Do not overlap or extend the dosing cycle as it interferes with th action of the prohormones. As recommended, we also urge you to following dosing instructions given by the company. Do not increase or decrease the dose as it does not work.

Finding the right prohormones for sale – Make sure you buy prohormones stacks or pro hormone combinations from a reputable company. There are thousands of companies that retail pro hormones online and choosing the right company is a little confusing. Remember, these prohormones convert to active hormones in the body. The more reliable the company, the better the product; and of course, the better the result.