Sports Addictions And The Dangerous Lifestyle

Criminal behavior isn’t only confined to highly populated low income areas, and it isn’t strictly left to one nationality to commit either. Over the last few decades, its been apparent that some people seem to think they can do what they want and face no repercussions of their actions. So many names on this list are beyond talented, but they just couldn’t get their act together. Aaron Hernandez is now in federal prison for committing his part in a heinous murder of another football player. Sports stars have an obligation to their fans and their teammates to be the best most exciting player they can be.

While murder plots are exciting, it is probably not the kind of excitement that most sports fans were looking for in the morning edition of the papers. He was a rather unpleasant footnote in the history of the NFL, and they have a fair share of them. The National Football League is not the only one to have problems with criminal records. The NBA has had a few charges itself like this like Gilbert Arenas having a firearm in his locker. It has become a growing issue within all of the major leagues.

Firearms are not the only problem either. Several domestic charges have been filed against different players around the leagues. This is a black eye on the face of all leagues and a hard problem to overcome amongst all leagues. Drugs are another large problem in the sports world. Too many players are thrown in jail often because they have a problem and are able to buy their way through it because they are professional ball players only to do it again. This is a sad state of things when this type of behavior is not helped. If this were a regular joe, and they were caught with drugs, it would end in rehab or prison. It shouldn’t be different because this person makes millions of dollars and we watch them on television. These guys need more help than people can imagine because of the stress and pressure put on them from the world of pro sports. It is hard not to judge, but even harder to empathize with their lives. It would be nice if the leagues got a program started that helped them personally get through their addiction.