Understanding The Testosterone Cycles

Testosterone is the natural male sex hormone and is seen by many as the mainstream of all other steroids. Most of the anabolic steroids in the market today have a structure that resembles that of testosterone. Testosterone cycles are therefore considered to be the primary choice for steroid users, more so the beginners. Whether recruiting testosterone as a base in a stacked cycle or using it individually, it will always deliver satisfactory results. Apart from excellent outcomes it provides, there are hardly any cases of worrying side effects. It is extensively versatile in both cutting as well as bulking cycles.

Testosterone Cycles

A beginner seeking the best steroid cycles out there will be faced with a tough decision to make. However, it does not have to be so. Testosterone cycles are a perfect choice to start with. It is highly potent and will deliver results within a short period. The test cycles are also largely tolerated by almost all consumers. What’s more, testosterone, when used as an anabolic steroid, has had an impeccable safety record, with near zero reports of adverse side effects. The cycles are delivered in two main forms, oral and injectables. The oral route is discouraged due to an increased risk of injury to the liver. Injections, on the other hand, will require one to endure regular injections.

Testosterone enanthate is the most preferred compound for a beginner’s cycle. This particular product allows the user to have two injections per week for up to twelve weeks per cycle. The usual dosage is 500mg per week, and since it is packaged in 250mg ampoules, the dosing is very convenient. Before the lapse of the three-month period, the consumer will notice significant changes in their muscles, with not only an increase in bulk but also in strength.

Testosterone propionate is the alternative product, although not widely used. Its need for more frequent administration every other day discourages most beginners from considering this option. The regular injections cause pain and irritation that many steroid users find unnecessarily harsh to tolerate. Some users test their tolerance for the testosterone hormone compounds by trying the testosterone propionate since it is rapidly cleared from the system and thus one can easily stop using it in the rare cases of intolerance. The doses range between 100mg and 150mg per injection for three to four times per week.

Adverse Effects from Testosterone Cycles

The anabolic effects of testosterone are mainly the desired outcomes. They include weight loss, lean muscular bodies, and an increase in strength levels for activities such as athletics and weightlifting. On the other hand, testosterone also displays androgenic and oestrogenic properties. Androgenic unwanted effects include skin conditions such as acne and male pattern baldness in both men and women users. Small levels of testosterone in the body are converted to estrogen, the female sex hormone. Estrogen will cause fat deposition, retention of water in the body, and enlargement of breasts in men.


Testosterone hormone is the ultimate anabolic steroid used today. A Test cycle will produce numerous amazing results including building muscle mass, burning fat to cut back weight, and enhanced performances by athletes in training and competitive activities. By mimicking the effects of the natural male sex hormone, testosterone steroid guarantees safety to users in addition to incredible anabolic results.