Getting The Best Trenbolone Results Without Side Effects

Trenbolone is popular among bodybuilders due to its unique ability to generate significant strength and mass gain. Although it was initially created for veterinary use, researchers later found that it can be used as an effective anabolic steroid. Unlike other steroids, Tren is highly powerful with a proven rating that is five times more powerful than the 100/100 Testosterone base. It has a 500/500 anabolic and androgenic score enabling bodybuilders to attain the desired physique after only a few weeks. Some of the benefits athletes and bodybuilders can enjoy with an effective Tren cycle include amazing size and strength gains in a short period, increased feed efficiency, increased red blood count and increased stamina and endurance.

Moreover, experienced athletes using intermediate and advanced Trenbolone cycles have also enjoyed other benefits that include increased rate of protein synthesis and increased nitrogen retention as well as controlled levels of stress hormones in the body. However, due to the powerful effects of Tren, it is important to follow the right Trenbolone cycle to ensure maximum gains with reduced risk of developing side effects. With responsible use, you can enjoy the benefits of Tren while remaining safe at the same time whether you are bulking or dieting.

How to ensure safe Trenbolone administration

The total dose athletes and bodybuilders take is usually close irrespective of the type of the cycle, but the difference largely depends on the athletes’ experience with the hormone and the risk they are willing to take. The intake duration for a cycle is usually eight weeks increasing to 12 weeks for some advanced users, but it is important to stick with individual preferences. Since it can be used for different needs and at different bodybuilding phases, you should use the Tren cycle most appropriate to you. You should also avoid taking massive or large dosages to achieve the desired effects and goals sooner than normal. The Tren cycles that you should follow include the beginners’ cycle, intermediate cycle, and advanced cycle.

The Beginner Cycle

The beginners’ cycle is great for first time Tren users. The beginners’ cycle aims to introduce you to Trenbolone in the safest way possible and thus, you should not skip it unless you are an experienced Tren user. The best beginners cycle should recommend 50mg on an every other day basis. In the first week, you should take 50mgs three times and then 50mgs four times in the second week and so on until you complete the eight weeks cycle. While 50mgs may look like it is small, it allows the hormone to clear from your body in two to three days in case problems arise.

The Intermediate Cycle

The intermediate level is the highest most athletes and bodybuilders go to enjoy greater benefits while remaining safe. The recommended dosage for intermediate is 75mgs every other day, but it is common for users to take 100mgs every other day. It is recommended that you stack Tren with other products that may help prevent the occurrence of side effects or enhance its effectiveness.

The Advanced Cycle

The dose for the advanced cycle usually starts at 100mgs every other day increasing to higher amounts depending on user preferences. However, you need to note that advanced cycle lets you take more Trenbolone than most men can handle and thus, you are more likely to develop side effects with prolonged use.


Following the right cycle will bring more benefits to you as an athlete with reduced risk of side effects when you want to gain muscle, preserve muscle mass while shedding your excess body fat or for the cutting cycle.